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The Art of Social Selling

Social Selling on Social Media is an art-form within itself. Let’s face it, you can’t just log onto Facebook and write a post like ‘buy from me now – here’s my link’ and actually expect people to buy from you.   People have to know, like, and trust you before they feel comfortable enough to Read More

How Facebook Ads can help your business.

Imagine telling Facebook exactly who your dream customer is, down to the very last detail, and they put your Business directly in-front of them, at a fraction of the price it costs using Traditional Marketing such as Magazine Adverts and Leaflets.   Sounds good right?   That’s exactly what Facebook Ads does.   Want to Read More

Marketing Is Not Sales.

While I understand that the two are inherently interlinked, there is a subtle yet distinct difference. Marketing is essentially all about raising awareness of your company, product, or service in the marketplace and getting more people to know about it. Through greater exposure and reputation building people then begin to know, like and trust your Read More

How Professional Social Media Management Can Help Grow Your Business.

  9/10 Businesses have a presence on at least one of the Social Media platforms today.   But the first problem is that businesses often forget to look at what actual results that presence is actually driving for their end goal.   This is one of the first questions we ask business owners and managers Read More

3 Warning Bells That You’re Getting Ripped Off By Your Digital Marketing Agency

  I quite often hear horror stories from Business Owners and Managers about previous Digital Marketing agencies that have screwed them over, and it quite frankly really annoys me.   I just can’t believe that there are genuinely people out there that are happy to take your money and confuse you with unnecessary jargon that Read More