3 Reasons Why Instagram and Snapchat are the best platforms to be on right now

by | Jul 20, 2016

1. That's where the attention is. 2. That's where the attention is. 

3. That's where the attention is. 

The aim of the game with Social Media is to generate awareness and interest in your business, and the products/services you sell.

To do this, you need to go where the attention is.

In today's market this means keeping abreast of all the latest platforms and trendy technology.

When it comes to Social Media Platforms - the top two stellar ones in 2016 are Instagram and Snapchat.

With a combined audience of 330 million monthly active users, if your strategy doesn't include these two, you're missing a BIG trick.

With Facebook and Twitter on a steady decline, you NEED to start getting serious about your Instagram and Snapchat profiles.

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