3 ways to check what people are really saying about your company online

by | Apr 3, 2017


All too often on the web, companies spend a lot of time and effort creating content talking about their company, but forget to ever take a look at what people are really saying about the business in their own words.

83% of consumers say internet reviews influence their perceptions about businesses, and 80% would choose to buy elsewhere if they saw a negative review about a company on the web.

You go to a lot of effort to build your online reputation, and it takes time to build trust and confidence from your customers. Remember though, it can easily be tainted if not managed correctly, and negative reviews can spread like wildfire online.

There's little point telling your audience all about your company and how great your product/service is, if everyone else is saying something different. Likewise, if someone is saying something fantastic about your company, you should be promoting that and spreading it around.

You should regularly keep an eye on what your customers are saying about your company, so you can build on it and start to cultivate a great presence on the web, or likewise get some quality feedback and work on turning that customer's frown upside down!

To do this, you can use one of 2 options:

1. Google It. Use good old fashioned search engine browsing of your business name, and it will show you what websites are linking to your site, and who's talking about your company in general on the web.

2. Google Me Tool. Stay on top of new mentions immediately. Use Google's custom alert function to send you an email every time someone mentions you or your company online.

3. Twitter Advanced Search Function is great to find out what people saying about your business on Social Media, even if they haven't specifically @ mentioned you. This is a great opportunity to follow up with customer service, and spread the word if they've given you a great review! Separate whether you want to search for those people mentioning you worldwide, just UK, from a specific date range, with a positive tone, a negative one, there's an abundance of options!

You should monitor your company's online reputation at least weekly, so you can broadcast any positive notes, and address any potential pitfalls. You never know, you could gain your next customer from a positive review or change!

Natalie Chappell
Zest For Media

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