5 Common Avoidable Marketing Mistakes

by | Apr 21, 2016

All too often, I see good companies spend a lot of time and money on online marketing, only for it to fall short of expectations and return a less than satisfactory ROI.

I don’t want this to be the case for you.

This article will talk you through 5 of the most common online marketing mistakes that I see way too often.

Checking to see if you’re making any of these 5 mistakes will save you time, money, and valuable potential customers slipping through the net.

Let’s take a look at the most common online marketing pitfalls:

1. A Lack of Analytics

Far too many companies use platforms that do not have analytics to measure ROI.

Although it’s tempting to ignore your marketing ROI and hope for the best, I’d advise you to start keeping track of it NOW.

Even if you run a small business and you don’t see the point, you’ll soon be converted when you see how much you can learn from your analytics.

Google Analytics is a great tool to get you started - and it’s free!

2. No Social Media Strategy

I’m sorry to tell you that the scattergun approach to social media is NOT a strategy.

Following irrelevant profiles and posting useless content won’t help you build a group of engaged followers that want to hear from your business.

To start with, take some time to think about who your ideal customer is; what is their job title and where do they live? Then use this information when you’re deciding who to follow or what groups to join.

Followerwonk is great for finding Twitter followers in a certain area or with a specific jobtitle.

3. Picking the Wrong Platforms for Your Business

You’ll get very little benefit from putting your business on every social media platform going.

Using too many platforms or the complete wrong ones for your business/industry are a surefire way of diluting your online marketing efforts.

By spreading yourself too thin you’ll end up wasting a lot of your time with little to show for it. Taking the time to think about which social media platforms will benefit your business before you join will really help with your marketing.

As a rough guide:

- Facebook - A great starting point for all businesses regardless of your industry.

- Twitter - Good for any business, but benefits B2C businesses as it can be used as an effective customer service tool.

- Pinterest - Use if you want to target women, and if your industry is related to DIY projects, fashion, exercise, beauty, photography, food and anything else that’s visual.

- Instagram - Ideal for artistic businesses that have an eye for detail.

- LinkedIn - Best for B2B service providers.

- YouTube - Great for brands that want to share their expertise.

- Google + - Great for any business as it shows up in Google searches.

4. Paying too Much for Google Adwords

Paying way too much for Adwords keyword terms will quickly drain any marketing budget.

To avoid this trap, make sure you think about the keywords you’re using and don’t just dive in with the most popular term. More specific and longer keywords will often lower your adwords costs while also giving you a higher ROI.

You also need to make sure you add negative keywords so you don’t end up paying for irrelevant clicks that don’t amount to anything.

Check the geographic locations where your ads are showing up and exclude areas that are costing the most but not converting.

5. Not Paying for Anything

I’m guessing you love social media because it’s free online marketing for your business? Although this is fairly true, there’s a reason people say ‘you get what you pay 'for’.

If you want to start seeing real results you need to use paid customer targeting methods on social media. It’s such an effective way to get the right people looking at your business.

The most common targeting methods are:

- Facebook ads

- Instagram ads

- Snapchat custom geofilters

You can try most of these for a few pounds, so there’s nothing to stop you having a go right away. Take advantage of the low costs to find what works best for you on each platform.

There you have it! If you can think of any other marketing mistakes please share them with everyone in a comment below. I’d love to know about it too!

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