5 Things We Love About Our Home County of Newbury, Berkshire

by | Apr 20, 2017

We're pretty lucky to be based where we can step one foot in bustling London City, and one foot in the peaceful countryside of Berkshire. When our Digital Marketing company moved back here in January, it was a breath of fresh air - and here's why:

1. Perfect mix of Country and City Life. Being only 40 minutes from London by train, having our offices in leafy Berkshire means we can put one foot in the big city, and the other foot walking down the beautiful country lane. This gives us a great sense of being outdoors but also able to dip into the hive of creativity that is London City.

2. The People. We're a collaborative bunch in Berkshire, and we're great at meeting new people and coming together to get results. From Sporting Events in Newbury such as Park Run, to Networking Events such as Buzz Connect and Business Biscotti, we're a great community (and who wouldn't want to be a part of that, right?)

3. We're considered 'The Royal County of Berkshire'. Our much-loved Windsor Castle provides a link with the Queen - pretty cool eh?

4. Downtown Abbey was filmed here in Highclere Castle, and Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens at Greenham Common. (oh yes!)

5. The landscape. Our links with nature mean you never go a day without seeing wildlife and greenery, and it's truly beautiful. You can certainly get your creative juices flowing when reading a book on a park bench, or walking along the canal listening to the birds tweeting.

We love meeting local people and going for coffee with local business owners. If you're around, pop in and say hello, or email Natalie at natalie@zestformedia.com!

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