7 Proven Ways To Promote Your Content – Content Marketing

by | Jan 25, 2017


It's all very well and good to create lots of helpful content for your website, and just write 'stuff'. But how do you get people to actually read it? (and by this, I mean people outside of your current loop - so you actually grow your audience and pool of potential customers).

Well, here's a few suggestions I would recommend you begin with:

Influencer Marketing - email, tweet, DM the top 10 influencers in your field and ask them to do a shout out and promo about your latest content post

Comment Marketing - engage in conversations around your topic with the main blogs and websites surrounding your niche

Guest Posting - find a large following website or blog and offer to guest post an article for them, with a link back to your website

Outreach/PR - create content surrounding a story that would be interesting to a reporter, and reach out for them to cover it in their latest publication

Social Media - post links back to your blog posts in tweets and status updates

Paid Promotion (Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Ads, Google Adwords) - advertise your content using paid advertising to get an immediate hit of new traffic

Content Syndication & Distribution - don't just leave your content in one area, ensure you are putting your content out across multiple platforms. Try medium.com as a start.

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