The 8 Roles Your Social Media Manager Plays

by | Apr 20, 2019

When managing a businesses Social Media presence, there are multiple roles a Social Media Manager plays. My personal skillset encompasses each of these so I can manage my clients social media content, largely without requiring many additional resources (such as extra staff or outsourcers, which is always an additional cost).

  • Strategist - A strategic thinker who can put together a detailed plan of what goals you should expect to go after from Social Media, and how the company should use Social Media to achieve those goals. Which platforms to use, audience segmentation, content calendars all feature here. 
  • Analyst - A data expert to review the data and make informed decisions about future content based on audience engagement metrics. 
  • Project Manager - Someone to keep everything on track from content editorial calendars, content publishing schedules, creating and publishing content, staying in the know with clients about upcoming events, managing new product/service launches, and getting all of the company news to be shared on Social Media. 
  • Education/Training - Ongoing development of skills and knowledge of each platforms functions, features and algorithm changes. 
  • Graphic Designer/Developer - A true artist to create beautiful branded infographics and imagery to bring ideas, quotes, processes, and case studies to life in a way that the audience will engage with. 
  • Content Marketer - A wordsmith, skilled at using the right words to create a connection and tell a story that gets a reaction, through each and every post. I create and publish relevant, original, high-quality content for the business, turning bullet points and single liners into thoughtful, engaging, content. 
  • Lead Generator - Building and cultivating relationships to generate sales opportunities for the Sales Team.

I truly believe that your Social Media Manager truly should possess multiple if not all of these traits in order to be the most efficient and effective choice for you. They should be able to take full ownership of your Social Media.

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