About Zest for Media

Hi, I’m Natalie

A digital marketer, SEO expert and straight-talking business woman.

A natural digital marketer, with nothing more than a laptop, a ton of passion and the knowledge that I could offer something better, I’m proud to have created a company that’s transparent and jargon-free; a company that’s helped a huge range of businesses reach the next level.

It all started when I decided I wanted to help my Dad with his marketing strategy. It didn’t take me long to see that digital marketing was the way to go, and I soon fell down a rabbit hole of research, courses and trying out strategies I knew would increase profits.

The idea for Zest emerged when I saw how many companies were overcomplicating digital marketing, baffling their customers into giving them money for something they didn’t understand and seeing little to no results.

This isn’t the right way to work with people, so at 18 years old I set up Zest for Media to do something about it. Now I partner with marketing managers and businesses owners all over the world to provide an honest and truthful service which always gets results.

From studying Business Management at The University of Sheffield, working with a major international social media company and embracing my role as Head of Digital Marketing at a thriving web design agency, you can rest assured that I know my stuff and I’m always learning more.

“Natalie from Zest Media, has been invaluable when supporting me with SEO for my new business. It was important for me to be able to manage the SEO myself and Natalie has explained complicated systems in an easy to understand manner so that I could implement the changes myself.

In a short space of time, I feel much more confident about SEO and how to improve this with changes that will make the greatest impact. I would highly recommend Natalie.”

Gina – Managing Director

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Why Zest for Media?

I have my Grandma to thank for my business name. If you’ve ever tried to name a business you’ll know how it can drive you mad as you go over tons of options in your head, and people soon get tired of you asking ‘do you like…’ so I decided to ask my Grandma. She’s come up with all of my family’s business names so it felt right she should help with mine too.

After making a list of words that described me and the way I work with my clients – passionate, energetic, honest, transparent and forward-thinking – my Grandma typed them into her handheld thesaurus (I didn’t know they existed either) and out popped ‘Zest’. We looked at each other and knew it was perfect. I add a bit of zest to all my client’s businesses because I’m so passionate about what I do.

The rest as they say is history.

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