Account-Based LinkedIn Lead Generation and Marketing

by | Jan 17, 2020

This is a strategic approach to Lead Generation, focussed on building awareness and relationships with specific companies based on a target list of top prospects.

Oftentimes lead generation involves scatter-gunning your message to hundreds of vague and loosely relevant organisations, in the vain hope that a few show interest and drop into your sales pipeline. This is not only ineffective, but hugely time-consuming approach.

Account-Based LinkedIn Lead Generation and Marketing on the other hand focuses on very strategic approach, identifying and building awareness and relationships with a handful of high-value, extremely relevant organisations that have the biggest impact in your sales pipeline. Think of it as targeting those 'golden few' instead of the vague low value masses.

Using specific tools and proven techniques, Account-Based LinkedIn Experts will use your list to identify, build rapport and reach out directly to the decision-makers within your target companies, filling up your sales pipeline in a results-driven and highly successful and productive way.

At Zest For Media, we use Account-Based LinkedIn Lead Generation and Marketing with clients to:

  • Identify and create a top target list of the most desirable accounts (prospects) for your organisation
  • Create one or multiple outbound scripts to communicate your pitch in an interesting and engaging way that encourages positive action-based responses from prospects i.e. booking a sales call or visiting your website
  • Focus monthly efforts to identify and target those accounts and key decision makers, building rapport and relationships, and outreaching to them directly with our scripted message
  • Notify you of new, qualified sales leads resulting from our efforts, for you can follow up in a timely manner

Account-Based LinkedIn Lead Generation and Marketing brings in higher quality leads, in a more time effective way, so your sales team have a reliable and consistent stream of new prospects to follow up and close.

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