Achieve better results from your marketing by slowing down

by | Jul 24, 2018

In a world driven by speed and our ever shortening attention span and need to get information FAST, it is incredibly underestimated how much we can actually achieve by doing the reverse - going SLOW.

Particularly when it comes to Marketing, all too often content and decisions surrounding the creation of it, are decided in a heartbeat. The mentality ‘just make sure you post something daily!’ comes into play time and time again. 'Just posting' takes over the true value of posting something genuinely valuable and likely to get results.

How useful is this 'fast lane' mindset really?

Cranking out content just for the sake of it often means your content is mediocre at best. You can end up leaving your audience feeling confused and your marketing message disjointed. Struggling to think of creative content and just posting about your favourite coffee one day, the office dog the next, and your new product sales pitch the next, seems a little off and is very unlikely to get you the best results you are capable of. It almost feels to the audience as though you haven’t really thought any of it through and just talking for the sake of talking. Hardly an effective sales and marketing strategy for success.  


Content Calendars


A great way to separate your content is a Content Calendar. This can be as simple as a handwritten note on your desk with each month’s content topic header written down, and makes your thoughts and ideas run much smoother. Content Calendars are typically a breakdown of what content topics you are going to talk about, and when. For example if you are a florist, January might focus on your predictions for Trendy Flowers for the upcoming year, February might focus on Valentines Ideas, July might focus on Weddings etc.

If you sell courses or products, under the topic of ‘product launch’, you could sit down and create a series of blog posts related to the different applications and/or benefits of your product over a period of a month. That type of content series your audience would be more inclined to read and take on board, rather than a string of random thoughts. It would make sense and also might encourage them to actually buy it. Remember the age-old marketing theory? You have to see or interact with something 7 times before you remember it.


You could also do a topic week or a month’s content of ‘day in the office’. You could feature your office dog, favourite coffee, behind the scenes peek at how you work etc. This helps bring a more human connection between your brand and your customers.


Thinking through your content has never been more important, and having an appropriate topical strategy that you have come up with prior to posting is crucial.


So where do you begin?


  • Create a Content Calendar. Start off with a topic for each month and tailor your blog posts and social media content around that. Now I’m not saying you can’t talk about anything else during that month, but try and keep it relatable.
  • Post less often and with more interesting angles. Facebook recommends posting 0.5 posts per day on Business Pages, meaning once every other day. You really don’t need to be posting 3 times per day just for the sake of it. Instead, when you feel inspired by something in your work or life, sit down and think through interesting angles on how to present that content over a period of time, rather than just posting it straight away.
  • Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. Just because someone else is posting 3 times a day every day, it doesn’t mean you have to. It isn't doesn't mean they are actually getting better results from doing so. Stay in your own lane and trust your strategy.


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