Are you ranking for the wrong keywords?

by | Jul 9, 2018

As we move towards the latest era of Voice Search, Web 3.0 and Social Media dependency, Digital Marketing is becoming more and more urgent on your business’ ever-growing ‘to-do’ list.


You recognise you should be doing more, but where do you even begin? It’s a complex network of options to consider.


Well, having a brilliantly designed website is only half the battle. No brilliant shape, image, copy, or video is going to do anything for your business unless lots of people find it, physically look at it and actually doing something with it (for example pressing the ‘find out more’ button). This is otherwise known as driving ‘traffic’ (AKA eyeballs) to your website, and ‘engagement’ (getting them to take action).


There are lots of different ways that you can drive traffic to your website, Social Media, SEO, PPC, the list goes on…


Let’s focus here on SEO. The aim of SEO is to use google-friendly best practices to rise up the rankings and get your website to number one, on page one, for your desired keyword. Now, to do this, you need to hit all of the criteria in Google’s current algorithm that the search engine deems important for a website to be worthy of a high ranking. They never actually formally release the algorithm criteria, but SEO experts like myself have been doing this for so long that we know the tried-and-true criteria we have to meet, and therefore what will make your rankings go up. We delve into the backend of your website, edit the code, condense the images, build up links, submit it to the right places, add in the right meta details, and perform up to 200 tasks every month to get you ranking for your keyword. It’s a LOT of work.


How to decide which keywords to target?


You can spend a lot of time and effort on SEO for your website and appear right at the top of google for your chosen keyword. But what if that keyword isn’t actually being used by anyone, and therefore no traffic actually goes through to your website?


This is an all too real occurrence and chances are that if you are currently nodding your head thinking ‘yes, that’s me’ the SEO company you have used has failed to thoroughly do their research on which keywords will work for you.


With the knowledge you already have of your products and services, you can start to write down a list of potential keywords to consider right away. For example a solicitors firm in newbury might write down ‘solicitor in newbury’, ‘family solicitor newbury’, ‘employment solicitor newbury’.


Once you have got to around 10-20 keywords, use Google Keyword Planner to check each of them against two key pieces of criteria:


  1. Is there enough monthly traffic for this keyword to make it worth my while? AKA are enough people going to come through my website, be interested in my products/services, and convert into leads and sales?
  2. What is the level of competition? It would be silly to try and compete against large corporations - they have 10x the budget that you do, and likely have a large in-house team working full-time doing their SEO for them. If the products and services you sell come under the same keywords they are targeting, consider nicheing your keywords down to focus on a particular element of the product/service, area you sell in, or longer-tail keywords e.g. instead of ‘accountant berkshire’ go after ‘best accountant in berkshire’.


Once you are armed with this information, start to narrow down your keyword list to the top 3-5 keywords you believe that you have a solid opportunity to rank for (i.e. doesn’t have massive corporations for competition), and will bring you the level of traffic and potential new customers you are looking for.


Most SEO companies will focus on 3-5 keywords for you in a standard plan, with the opportunity to add on more for an additional price.


Make sure that you and them are on the exact same page when you decide on your keywords, and they are using their SEO efforts to get you the best possible traffic to your website.


I offer brilliant SEO packages here at Zest For Media that work with your website to deliver amazing results. If you feel you need to take a look at your SEO and Keyword Targeting, email me a bit about you and your business at to chat with no obligation about how I can help.


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