Why that automated ‘thanks for following us’ message is a total waste of your time

by | Jul 21, 2016

When it comes to Social Media, there are quite few recommendations talked about on the web that suggest what you should and shouldn't be doing.


One of those is setting up automated 'thanks for following us' tweets on Twitter (*cue head shake*).


These are essentially the tweets that go out on your profile thanking your recent followers for following you (they may literally look something like '@example1 @example2 @example3 - thanks for following us!)


Strategists in the Social Media field have suggested doing this as a way to engage followers and open up a conversation. Previously it did in-fact work. The theory behind it is that someone sees you have mentioned them in a tweet, immediately go and look at that tweet, and reply back to you with something like '@example1 no problem, what you're doing looks great!' and you carry on a conversation, point them towards your website - and thus a new potential sales lead is created.


However, these have now become such common practice that those active on Social Media simply scan over, and phase out these tweets and mentions - simply ignoring them. Sure, it's nice to be mentioned, but not 5 times a day, from an automated message (often from Crowdfire or ManageFlitter).


So instead, try seeking out people's individual tweets, and writing something interesting to add to that conversation. That's far more personal and likely to get a response, versus a cloaked 'hi everyone on my list, please engage with me' automated message.


Be ahead of the game, be personal, and be authentic.


Say no to automation, say hello to personalisation.



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