Benefits of WhatsApp For Business

by | Jan 24, 2018

The ever-popular Whatsapp recently launched the new 'WhatsApp for Business' offering as part of their increasingly expanding list of new features, but what does this mean for business, what are the benefits compared to the tried-and-true Social Media services like Facebook and Instagram?


Let's start by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture here. The main 'basic' objective of Social Media from a business standpoint is to get people to pay attention and be genuinely interested in your company, what you stand for, and ultimately what you are offering. The way you achieve this objective is different for every company. Each client/customer is different, each product is unique, and each market varies, but when it comes down to it, the main objective is to get an individuals 'ATTENTION' and then hold on to it.


WhatsApp currently has a user base of 1.3 Billion monthly active users around the world and is the second most used messenger app globally. Now, that's a whole lot of attention!


With new research concluding that more than 50% of customers would rather message a business than call a customer service number, we can assume that messenger applications will continue to grow in their adoption and use within the business world. It's time to start paying attention to these apps and figure out a strategy of how you can utilise these tools to grow your business.


WhatsApp has traditionally been a tool for the general public to communicate with friends and family, make plans to go out, remind them to feed the dog, or share a funny meme. Since it's practically free (it uses your wifi connection to send the message over the internet instead of gobbling up your minutes and texts) and allows you to see when the other person has read the message, WhatsApp has grown rapidly in popularity since it's inception in 2009.


Recognising it's usefulness in sending and communicating messages, and seeing the opportunities Facebook were leveraging with their popular Facebook For Work and Facebook Messenger App, the WhatsApp team decided to create their own competing product, and WhatsApp for Business was born.


Currently launched in UK, US, Italy, Mexico and Indonesia, and only available on Android, the service still has some way to come before it becomes mainstream as a business communication tool.


However, the use of features such as Verified Business Profiles, Quick Replies, and Messaging Metrics make this new tool very appealing for Business Owners and Marketing Managers.


Media giants like Social Chain, VaynerMedia, and Net-A-Porter have all adopted WhatsApp for Business and are using it to leverage the attention on the platform and convert it into eyeballs on websites and product ranges within their client base.


Answering customer questions, offering online consultations through the app, sharing news updates and new product launches, and even team discussions are all examples of how companies are successfully leveraging this exciting platforms attention goldmine.


We believe in always enabling your company to stay ahead of the game and ensuring you take every opportunity to get your business in-front of your target market and garner their attention. This is just one of the ways we are excited about that can help you achieve that goal.


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