How Do I Get My Clients To Write Google + Business Reviews?

by | Nov 22, 2017

What are Google Reviews and what are the benefits to your business?

Google Reviews are hugely beneficial for your business, and more companies should really be using them!

Getting positive Google Reviews is a great way to boost your credibility and online reputation. Genuine 4* and 5* reviews on Google helps reassure customers that you can provide the product/service they are looking for, and they should trust you.

Secondly, Google Reviews are part of the Local Google Algorithm, and therefore getting more Google Reviews can help boost your overall Local Google Rankings.

Google Reviews now falls under a tab called Google My Business. This is essentially the backend editing tool where you can tell Google the details of your business you wish to be displayed when people search for you on Knowledge Graph and Google Maps. Google a local company to you and if they have it implemented, you will see a box on the right hand side with their information - images, phone number, opening ours etc.

Information will include mainly your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number (also known in the SEO world as NAP information). Of course adding Reviews, Images, and operating hours all help to make this more appealing to your target customers, and increase your click through rate.

Positive Google Reviews influence purchasing decisions in a similar way to personal recommendations from a friend.

Now onto How To Ask Your Clients To Give You A Google Review:

The first important to note here is that your clients will need a Google account to be able to leave you a review. If they don't have one, they can set one up really easily, and if you promise to leave a reciprocal review if you have used their products/services also, this can get them over the line.

Your clients are likely very busy people and reviews take a while to write properly, so we need to make this easy and quick for them to do - a simple clickable link is the best way to go here.



Step 1: Search for your business in Google


Search For Your Business In Google

Search For Your Business In Google


Step 2: Click 'Write a Review'

Write A Review

Write A Review


Step 3: When the Reviews Popup Box Opens, Click The URL From The Top Bar:

Copy URL

Copy URL


You will now be given a URL like this one ->,3,

Now we have the basic link that we can send out to customers as a raw link. HOWEVER, there a few tweaks we can make to really make this listing great!

If we look at the last character in the URL - it's a number 3. This tells Google to automatically open up our review box. If you add a clever number 5 to the end though, after the comma, your reviews box will highlight 5 stars! Now all your clients needs to do is add their wording.


Shorten URL

Shorten URL


Step 4: Shorten the Link

Most clients will prefer a shortened link compared to the big ol' lengthy one above - it's a tad more user-friendly.

To do this, head over to and paste your full length link in their tool. Click to shorten, and copy the new shortened link.


Step 5: Send It Out!

Now you can get sending requests for reviews to all of your current and future clients!

It is a generally good idea to reciprocate the reviews if you have used someone else's products or services as well. Let them know you have given them a review and they may feel more warmed up to giving you one :)

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we always encourage our clients to get Reviews and help boost their SEO and Online Reputation.




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