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SEO for Voice Search – How You Can Get Ahead of Competitors

Traditionally searches for information on the web have been conducted using typed out short-form keywords e.g. ‘Best Chinese Restaurant in Berkshire’. Typing a shortened version of a question you have is far quicker and easier to do than the whole question. However, it is predicted however that by 2020 50% of our searches are going Read More

Are you ranking for the wrong keywords?

As we move towards the latest era of Voice Search, Web 3.0 and Social Media dependency, Digital Marketing is becoming more and more urgent on your business’ ever-growing ‘to-do’ list.   You recognise you should be doing more, but where do you even begin? It’s a complex network of options to consider.   Well, having Read More

Will Voice Search Take Over SEO?

Podcasts, Videos and Voice Notes are all becoming the latest way we as human beings consume content. We would rather listen to a 30 minute podcast on a given subject than read 5 pages of text about it. And who can blame us? By listening to a podcast we can multi-task, listening while we brew Read More

Benefits of WhatsApp For Business

The ever-popular Whatsapp recently launched the new ‘WhatsApp for Business’ offering as part of their increasingly expanding list of new features, but what does this mean for business, what are the benefits compared to the tried-and-true Social Media services like Facebook and Instagram?   Let’s start by taking a step back and looking at the Read More

How Do I Get My Clients To Write Google + Business Reviews?

What are Google Reviews and what are the benefits to your business? Google Reviews are hugely beneficial for your business, and more companies should really be using them! Getting positive Google Reviews is a great way to boost your credibility and online reputation. Genuine 4* and 5* reviews on Google helps reassure customers that you Read More