Top SEO Questions To Ask Your Marketing Department

Organic traffic from Google is crucial to drive more leads through your website, and keep your sales funnel full. SEO is one of the most fruitful methods to achieve this. The best SEO Marketers can, over time, catapult you onto the first page of Google, driving some...

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Healthcare Client Case Study

I was recently brought in to a healthcare organisation to assist with their marketing efforts and meet their quarterly goal to increase awareness amongst NHS Trusts, boost referencability, and educate decision makers what the groundbreaking software could do to benefit their organisation. 

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Metrics to Measure Commercial Value of Social Media Campaigns

A company’s social media objectives are going to determine the type of metrics used to measure the success or failure of each campaign. For every objective set by the company, a method to measure results will be required in order to determine whether there has been a...

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Day In The Life of a Digital Marketing Expert

This week I created a series on LinkedIn called #dayinthelifeofadigitalmarketingexpert to shed a light on what digital marketing experts and digital marketing agencies actually do each week for clients to get results. Day 1... ✅Turned a series of case studies into...

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Build Your Audience Not Just a Posting Schedule

It's very easy to fall into the 'Content Trap'. Cranking out large quantities of valuable content that you 'just know' will be really important and useful for your prospects to read... only to find when you double check the Analytics, it's reached nowhere near enough...

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Industries I Have Experience In Marketing

I am asked quite a lot about the different industries that I have had experience in Marketing with in the past. There are many, and the depth of knowledge I have about a whole plethora of products and services is quite outstanding. This knowledge and experience means...

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