How To Build Your Reputation Online

by | Nov 20, 2017

Building a positive and well-known reputation online takes thought, dedication, and a solid strategy.

The whole point of building a solid online reputation is that once someone knows your personal or company name, their next step will be to 'Google you', or at the very least check out your social media and/or website. Customers are using more and more online platforms such as Social Media, Search Engines and Review Websites to work out and sift through the good companies from the bad. This ultimately means that you have to be the gold standard, showing up to the party with the best reputation around.

If someone were to do this with your name now, what does your online reputation say about you? Are you visible or a ghost? Are the results positive, or negative?

Now I know what your next question is going to be "Okay great, where do I start to build my reputation?"

It's really really simple when you think about it. You just have to consistently show up to the party and deliver real, tangible value to your online audience.

This means talking to your prospects on the platforms THEY use, producing solid content that adds knowledge and value, and building a remarkable bank of previous customers testimonials and case studies, singing your praises.

Now practically-speaking, day by day this means doing one or more of the following:

1) Blog Writing. Publishing weekly or monthly articles on your website and/or linkedin profile is a great way to create powerful content that subtly helps your end customer make a decision about why they should choose you. These may be in the form of helpful how-do guides, behind-the-scenes clips, research studies and findings, or reviews. Developing your voice online and showcasing who you are and what you know to your audience is a great way of boosting your online reputation.

2) Social Media. Tapping into a huge pool of prospective customers is another great way to build your online reputation. You can harness the power of the masses to help your brand communicate it's story and show people why they should choose you. Building a reputation for caring (by answering people's questions and dealing with customer service issues on your feed) as well as consistently delivering value by promoting your content (helpful blog posts) is a great way to positively build up your klout online.

3) Advertising. While at first this doesn't scream 'online reputation building', adverts can be a really great way to build your reputation online. You can put your message directly in front of a target net of people and deliver real value to that audience. It's all about extending your reach, and advertising gives you that opportunity.



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