Day In The Life of a Digital Marketing Expert

by | Jun 27, 2019

This week I created a series on LinkedIn called #dayinthelifeofadigitalmarketingexpert
to shed a light on what digital marketing experts and digital marketing agencies actually do each week for clients to get results.

Day 1...

✅Turned a series of case studies into engaging blog posts and social media content to demonstrate credibility and social proof to prospects for an established railway client.

✅Developed a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy for a brilliant garden design client.

✅Prospected on LinkedIn for an International GTM agency.


Day 2...

✅ Drafted a highly targeted Facebook Advert Campaign for a high end luxury client focussing on specific individuals within a certain postcode radius that have shown previous interest in my client's specific niche.

✅Reviewed and set new KPI metrics for an existing client currently gearing up for massive growth in the next 90 days.

✅Prepared for an exciting prospect meeting early next week.


Day 3...

✅ Reviewed best performing content for each of my clients and analyse why it performed the best so we can replicate the success next week/month.

✅ Created next weeks content for each of my clients - write thought-leadership blog posts, create handy infographics, design custom accompanying social media graphics.

✅Tracked and Monitored new Search Engine Ranking Positions for a Media agency.


Day 4...

✅ Shaped new content ideas from 2 clients into meaningful, thought-provoking social media posts and accompanying graphics.

✅Started meaningful conversations with prospects on behalf of a client I'm working with to help drive more sales leads using LinkedIn..

✅Finalised and sent over the Social Media Strategy for my design client so he can start sharing his amazing design ideas, creations, and message with the world. There is such a meaningful impact behind this brand, it has been a privilege creating the strategy.


Day 5...

That morning I hopped on a Skype meeting with Mat Harris to discuss the creative work of Fluro Ltd and potential future collaboration.

Then that afternoon focussed on:

✅ Prospecting on LinkedIn for a client focussed on International Growth

✅Looked into industry-specific Exhibitions to consider speaking at/exhibiting at this coming 6 month period.


Day 6...

In the morning I was at the wonderful BBB Success Groups with George Swift and Tracey Miller working ‘on’ my business rather than ‘in’ it.

I then chatted with Fiona Johnson about potentially doing some PR for myself and my company. This came from the conversation earlier this week regarding how I would spend a new marketing budget. I am also focussed on the Zest For Media onboarding process.

Over the past month I have been working with the talented Lisa Russell to create a best-in-class process to become an extension of your business by getting to know your business, your products/services, and your ideal client inside and out.

I am committed to providing you with the very best service possible and improving our Onboarding Process is just one way I'm achieving that.

That afternoon then focussed on client delivery covering:

✅ Initial Round of SEO Technical Optimisations for a new client's website, making the site Google Friendly.

✅Planning out the Social Media Campaign for a new client exhibiting at a prominent event.

Day 7...

This morning I spoke with a fantastic guy that has a business ethos and product suite I personally absolutely love, and am putting a proposal together for, so that's exciting!

I then went and got my bad back worked on by a Remedial Massage Specialist, as for some reason it's starting Spasming (oh the joys of working at a desk and laptop for 8 hours a day!)

Then this afternoon I'm focussed on...

✅ Speaking with David Whittingham about a potential new website for a personal connection of mine.

✅Finalising a Social Media Campaign for an exciting new project with an existing wonderful client.

✅Promoting new job vacancies for a client opening up new offices across the country. Advertising these vacancies on Facebook and LinkedIn.

✅Scheduling and prepping for 4 meetings for next week. 


What does your working week look like? Create your own #dayinthelife series!

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