Dear Marketing Manager…

by | Mar 2, 2020

I get it, being a marketing manager is like being a master of all trades. There is so much expected of you, you're trying to be a master of them all, so there is so much responsibility on you and expectation to manage offline events like seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and there is the online marketing, like the social media, email marketing campaigns, CRM systems. The list goes on, and on, and on, and it's impossible to try and be an expert in each one of those fields and deliver results every single month. I get that.

How I can help solve that problem is that I understand that you have a big chunk of time that's taken up just trying to do a bit of everything, so where I specialise specifically is on the digital side of your marketing, and I focus specifically helping business to business clients generate more leads each month. If that's part of the business plan that your marketing department, or you yourself as a marketing manager are responsible for, I'm the person you need to speak to.

I help businesses specifically with LinkedIn lead generation, so that's using your directors LinkedIn profiles to generate those high quality premium clients from LinkedIn. I also use social media strategies to give your team a specific strategy from tried and true techniques on how to use social media to grow the business, so that's when to post, what to post, who to post it to, how you're going to get people to even see it, and what your competitors are doing. There's a whole strategy around that, and then, search engine optimization, getting more people through the website so you can get more people into your funnel and ultimately, more leads.

It really is about generating leads for the business, which ultimately is what the marketing department is set up to achieve. Yes, visibility and awareness are 100% top of the funnel, but at the end of the day it needs to be generating leads, which is where I come in. I offer niche expertise in these three areas, because that's what works. Marketing managers trust me to bring me in to help them get a handle on that side of the digital marketing stuff so you can get a big chunk of your time back knowing it's being taken care of by an expert, knowing you can produce the reports to your directors, and your board that shows results.

If you're looking for digital marketing expertise in generating leads for your business from LinkedIn, from the Google searches and SEO, and from social media, please send me an email or send me a direct message through here. I would love to come on board, and help you get a huge chunk of your time back and your stress levels reduced.

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