How Facebook Ads can help your business.

by | Sep 5, 2017

Imagine telling Facebook exactly who your dream customer is, down to the very last detail, and they put your Business directly in-front of them, at a fraction of the price it costs using Traditional Marketing such as Magazine Adverts and Leaflets.

Sounds good right?

That's exactly what Facebook Ads does.

Want to target 35-50 year old Women, in Technology, with interests in Software, and work for Microsoft? You can.

Want to target 25-35 year olds, interested in getting a mortgage, with a net worth of over £100,000? Yes that's completely possible too.

Facebook Ads are a great way of getting your dream customer to see your message and begin their relationship with you. Think of it as knocking on the perfect door where your dream customer lives, and actually getting your foot in the door to talk to them for five minutes. Bingo! You've started a conversation. Conversations lead to interest and interest leads to potential purchases down the line.

Now Facebook have multiple different types of ads, depending on what you do and who you want to target, you will need to pick the perfect one for your objectives (we can help with this with our Facebook Ads Management Service).

Essentially they are grouped under one of three headings, each representing the relative stage of the funnel your target customer is likely to be at:

  1. Awareness - just discovering who you are and what you do
  2. Consideration - already is aware of who you are and are considering their options, want to find out more, or are reviewing the other competitors offers for the best deal
  3. Conversion - are ready to buy from you

Under each of the three are multiple different types of ads, from Brand Awareness to Lead Generation to Conversions.

Your Facebook Ads Manager should be able to create a funnel for you that leads a prospect from Awareness to Consideration to Conversion in a relatively straight-forward way and for a cost-effective price.

This might look something like;

  1. Create a Brand Awareness Advert introducing your company
  2. Create a Page Post Engagement Advert or Video Views Ad to showcase more detail about one specific product/service you are offering and why the prospect should choose you/your product/your service
  3. Create a Conversions Ad to drive purchases or contact form completions on your website

Now the key thing here is that you can setup your targeting at each level to be completely laser-focused on those people that are most likely to be interested in your product/service. You may wish to start out with a fairly broad brush and narrow it down/refine it as you get further down the funnel.

For example, creating a brand awareness advert to all employees of companies xyz and in sectors abc within a 40km radius of your shop/office (excluding those that already liked your page and interacted with it). Then you may wish to create a page post engagement ad with a special discount offer to those people that interacted with your brand awareness advert or page or website in general. Then you may wish to refine it further and target conversions to those that interacted with your page post engagement ad. Ultimately leaving you with just those parties that are genuinely likely to buy from you. Pretty neat huh?

So, by trusting the experts to create a well thought-out Facebook Ad you can not only increase awareness of your company to your dream customer, you can also drive real sales leads for your business from the prospects that matter most to your bottom line.

We can help you create a bespoke Facebook Ad for your Business using our Facebook Advert Management Service.

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