Get On The Radar of More of Your Biggest And Best Clients

by | Oct 26, 2018

If you want to attract more of your biggest and best clients, you need to be on their radar.

They can't contact you or even consider you as a supplier if they don't know you exist let alone what you can help them with.

Getting on someones radar has been made 10 times easier (and a heck of a LOT cheaper) with the rise of Digital Marketing and the expansion of the internet overall.

You can put yourself and your company in a position to be seen and heard by the top players on your target dream customer list simply by doing the following...

Showing Up Online!

Now, what does that actually mean?

Well think of it this way, traditionally if you were 'showing up' in real life, it would largely mean physically attending a networking event, going to meeting or perhaps attending an exhibition. You would have to purchase your ticket, walk into the show, register your name, find a group a people you wanted to join the conversation with, and share your perspective and opinion, and give value.

In the online space that same situation translates into producing content. Showing up and being part of the online conversations that are happening on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and so on.

Producing this content might come for you in any combination of the following, writing a Facebook post on your Business Page sharing your opinion or a recent customer case study, creating a blog post for your website sharing your perspective, or recording a new episode for your Podcast show interviewing guests or sharing your opinion on a topic related to your industry.

Once the piece of content has been produced you now need to get it onto the radar of your dream customers. Simply having a piece of content is not enough. You need to distribute it and plop it into the minds of your dream customers.

This is where Marketing Professionals like myself use our honed skills to do this for you using our experience of what works. What will get that content into the minds of your dream customers.

This might look like the following...

  • Scheduling and writing consistent scripts for weekly podcast episodes that are uploaded onto iTunes and Soundcloud each week, that are then shared on Facebook and LinkedIn, and then transcribed into a long-form blog post that you can put on your website.
  • Creating a short video with a short description and catchy title that is shared Facebook and Instagram and pushed that out further by using it as a Facebook Advert to a highly targeted and defined audience, perhaps segmented by Job Title or Employer Name.

There are a whole list of different ways that you can approach this and create content that gets distributed out and put onto the radar of your dream customers. Digital Marketing experts like myself will take your input of who you want to specifically get on the radar of (whether that's a group of businesses or a specific list of individuals names), go behind the scenes of your business to find it's unique selling point - the 'special sauce' that's going to capture the attention of your dream customers. I will then work backwards to how we will get you on their radar in the most effective way. I will then create a strategy and a plan of how we're going to get you there, and how we're going to consistently show up, be on their minds, build the trust and credibility so they want to contact you and the sales process can begin.

If you'd like to have a quick chat about how I can work with you to get you on the radar of more of your biggest and best customers, please email and I'd love to have a chat with you about how I might be able to help.

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