How To Get Your Sales and Marketing Team On The Same Page

by | Nov 2, 2017

Having Sales and Marketing aligned is crucial to your business running like a well-oiled machine. Drawing potential sales leads from the top of funnel at 'discovery' stage right down to the all-important 'purchase' stage means making sure that both the sales and the marketing team are singing from the exact same hymnbook. Making sales is a process, NOT a one stop shop.

Often sales and marketing teams seem to speak two completely different languages when it comes to the process of taking a customer from just finding out about your company, to closing a lead at the end of the sale.

Wires get crossed and more often than not it is down to one team not really knowing what the other team actually does, and thus feeling like they have to do EVERYTHING just to get the job done, and hit the sales target.

Sales often blame marketing for not bringing in enough quality leads, and marketing blames sales for not following the leads they have brought through properly enough.

So the two are often at logger-heads. Think two sumo wrestlers squaring up in the ring. That's pretty much what we're dealing with here.

Now the whole point of this post is to get both teams thinking on the same page, and aligning the business up so that the whole process for a customer is dead easy and straightforward - the business gets more sales, converts more orders, more profit is made, and everyone is happy.

So I'll get right down to it.

Firstly, it's important to get both teams together (preferably physically in the same room) and give each a chance to talk about what they do day-to-day. What their goals and objectives are, targets, and what they deem is important to them to be able to fulfil their role within the sales and marketing process.

Once both sides have had a chance to discuss this, it is important to create a Funnel for your teams. A clear picture of what the process should look like in a perfect world, and who should be doing what, with key details about what each stage of the process needs to entail to be able to give the other party the information he/she needs. For example, if the sales team need more pre-qualified leads, the marketing team could build in a more detailed qualification stage (e.g. more information required on the contact form on the website), before they pass the lead onto the marketing team, or perhaps a further refinement and agreement about what a valuable lead actually looks like (the more detailed here, the better).

Secondly, make sure both teams are clear on who your dream customers are.

Thirdly, ensure both teams are agreed on what is a qualified sales lead.

Next, ascertain that the sales team provide regular feedback to the marketing team as to the the quality of the leads that they are getting. An unhappy salesperson is often unhappy because the leads they are receiving are not qualified enough to turn into purchases. Making sure the marketing team know exactly who to look for, the sales teams lives are made a whole lot easier and the purchasing process a whole lot more efficient!

Then ensure both teams can describe in the exact same way what the product/service your business offers is, and the key benefits to the customer. Consistent messaging is key to ensure customers know, like, and trust your business and the products/services it is offering to the market. By describing the product/service one way in your Facebook Ad, and quite another on the phone with the salesperson, your customer may be left feeling confused and puzzled when considering making a purchase. Worse still, if the marketing ad has offered something the sales team simply cannot deliver, you have a whole other set of problems.

Meet regularly to foster communication and coordination between your marketing and sales teams. Pushing a special offer this month to your email list? Great! Be sure to let your sales team know, so they can expect customers to be ringing up or emailing back expecting to get this deal, and can also prepare for a likely influx of more leads to be handling. By communicating with each other, the teams can bounce ideas back and forth, leading to greater productivity and creativity, and also feel more involved with the project and company as a whole.

At Zest For Media we work hard to make sure that all of our work fits with your business and the incredible sales team that you have in place. Perfect harmony.





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