Google Analytics: How to see which hour of day people are using your site

by | Apr 27, 2017

Ever wondered what time of the day most people are accessing your site? This information can be really useful in terms of analysing your potential customers, and when they are likely to be online searching for the products/services you provide.
There is a simple way to find out - Creating a Custom Report in Google Analytics.
Custom Reports can tell you deeper information about your website, that wouldn't necessarily be shown in your main aggregate data dashboard (because it would look too complicated and busy if it did).
To set up this report:

  1. Sign into Google Analytics and click on 'Customization'


2. Click on 'Custom Reports' and '+ New Custom Report'

3. Enter in the details exactly as below and click 'Save'

You will now be able see a graph showing the number of sessions/site visits throughout the day, and at what time. You can then use this data to predict when your visitors are likely to view the site in future, which marketing activities are potentially causing these peaks and troughs, and when to expect potential sales orders.
As you can see from the data below, my most visited hour is 7pm and 10am.

These insights can be highly useful if you are running Facebook or Google Adverts, as they can tell you when you should be scheduling your ads to run - based on when people interact most commonly.
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