Guiding customers down The Digital Marketing Funnel

by | Jul 17, 2016

The funnel above represents a typical marketing funnel - and it's super important for you to understand the realities of digital marketing.

All too often clients go to digital agencies and say 'right, I'm investing in you to do my social media. I expect minimum 50 orders per month from it'.

Hmm, that may be tricky. Here's why:

Digital Marketing is never guaranteed. There is never an exact number of orders we can generate. Instead, we use a funnel that represents how a customer goes from just finding out about your brand, through to consideration of your products, and then to purchase something. Social Media on its own cannot guarantee to pull you through that entire funnel. It just isn't its purpose.

You see, at first, customers start to find out about your company through AWARENESS. This is largely through Social Media, SEO, or Google Adwords. Customers are just becoming AWARE of you. This can also be known as Discovery (Learning and Teaching) thus needing Educational Content e.g. Blog Posts, Webinars, Comprehensive Guides, Videos, Email Newsletters Do not expect sales through the top of this funnel alone.

THEN they begin to CONSIDER their options, and do a little more exploring (probably by reading online reviews about you, comparing prices online, and googling other competitors etc) - this is largely about SEO, Case Studies, Showcases of how to use your products, demo videos, and being present on all the different platforms they will use to evaluate their options e.g. review sites.

Next, customers filter down to the PREFERENCE stage - choosing YOU as their preferred service/product provider. They do this by reading through the website and deciding they like and trust you enough, to buy your product/service.

The golden ticket is the next step - PURCHASE, where customers actually buy something from you. The buying is largely from your online website or calling/emailing you for an enquiry. So this is all about your Call-To-Action buttons, appropriate payment forms, Product Descriptions, Data Sheets, Unique Value Propositions, Testimonials, and Reviews.

Those paying customers in turn them, qualify as LOYAL/RETENTION customers. If you offer a great product and brilliant customer service, they will come back again and again to buy more. This means creating a great Help or FAQ page, Customer Support Documentation, After Sales Process, Special Offers For Repeat Business, Email Follow-Ups etc.

And finally those customers shout about you to their friends, through ADVOCACY. Here is where you get the referrals, recommendations, and new customers through your existing customers.

Each stage of the funnel should be orchestrated by a different social media or digital marketing activity, and you need to appreciate the differences that guide your customer through the funnel from Awareness to Advocacy.


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