How Does LinkedIn Lead Generation Work?

by | Mar 23, 2020

LinkedIn Lead Generation has the highest level of sales possibilities of any digital marketing platform for B2B businesses right now - in my opinion. It's just set up for it so well.

If you're not familiar with using LinkedIn to drive leads for your business, and you're looking into how a done-for-you service like the one we provide our clients with at Zest For Media works, this is essentially the proven process:

1) Update Your Profile

Before any prospecting can be carried out on the profile, it needs to be brought up to date and optimised so it is accurate and representative of your current position. It also needs to be appealing and interesting to new connections and prospects. We will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you by inviting new connections and reaching out to new prospects directly (outbound marketing), but it's also important that we are also optimised for inbound leads to garner maximum results, so there needs to be some work put it upfront to make sure the profile performs the best it can. We will login and work with you to make recommendations and appropriate adjustments/changes to get this part right from the start.

2) Start To Build Your Reputation, Demonstrate Credibility and Expertise

A major component of successful Lead Generation on LinkedIn is building your reputation and demonstrating credibility and expertise. People need to know, like and trust you. When they do that, prospects are much more likely to reach out and get in touch (inbound marketing) as well as being more open to warm conversations from our outbound messaging efforts. Through Content Marketing and Thought Leadership we build establish your online presence.

3) Add Connections / Prospects To Your Profile

Generating leads from LinkedIn is achieved by expanding the reach and adding new prospects into your network, opening the door for conversations later down the line. By carefully identifying, finding and inviting more of your ideal prospects into your network we expand your reach and increase the number of potential sales leads to add to our outbound efforts.

4) Send Outbound Messages To New Connections / Prospects

The final step is to outbound message new connections / prospects and carefully pitch in your product/service offering as a solution to the problems they commonly face. As with most Lead Generation activity, it's a combination of being both strategic and targeting only the prospects that fit your client criteria and are likely to need your product/service, and a numbers game. There is a general rule of thirds at play here. A third of people will say yes and be interested and wish to book a date in the diary to further the conversation, a third will say no, and a third will just simply ignore you. My goal is to work towards getting the maximum number of people possible (that fit your target criteria) to say yes.

5) Fill Up Your Sales Pipeline

Now you have sales leads to follow up with. My team will pass these on to you as they say yes and come in to us. This may be notifying you they have booked time in your diary via Calendly, emailing you their contact details to reach out and get in touch, or adding them to your Pipedrive or CRM software.

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