How SEO can help your business

by | May 24, 2017

Have you heard of SEO before but not sure what it can actually do for your business?

I know how you feel. And a lot of my clients used to have the same problem.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation as it's called in it's fullest name) is essentially tweaking your website and it's off-site factors to make it appear higher in Google Search Results i.e. moving from page 10 on Google for 'Accountant London' to Page 1.

So what can SEO for your business?

Well, let's explore that...

1). Generates Visibility.

Being top of Google means more people are likely to see that your website and company exist. If more people know about you, more people are potentially going to buy from you, right? Using SEO to get higher up on Google helps generate more visibility, and thus gets more eyeballs to your website, and more potential customers. Awesome!

2) Builds Credibility and Authority.

People trust Search Engines to provide them with the most relevant websites that match what they're looking for. Using SEO companies such as Zest For Media and having your website high up on Google when someone searches for the thing that you sell, immediately tells that person that you are a professional and authority player in that market, are obviously relevant because you showed up for the thing they were looking for, and so are likely to provide the appropriate solution or product/service they were looking for. This means they are likely to click on your website link from Google (rather than the person on page 10+), view you as a trusted professional, and thus potentially enquire or buy something from you.

3) Increases Visits to the Website.

Ultimately appearing on page one for the words people most commonly use to find the products/services that you sell, increases the number of visitors (people) that will click on and look through your website. This means more potential opportunities to make sales, or at the very least more people being aware of you and what you do (leading to more word-of-mouth referrals, recommendations.

What to do next?

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