How To Build Rapport Online

by | Jan 6, 2021

Building rapport and relationships online doesn't have to be hard or feel awkward or 'icky'.

Granted, you can't read body language or pick up on the subtle cues that you normally would in person. But that shouldn't stop you from building rapport and meaningful relationships online. In fact, in current times it's a vital skill to have as we all communicate online more than ever before.

You see - it simply requires more Reciprocity.

Things Like:

- Give before you ask. Perhaps share an interesting piece of content you found online, or make a recommendation on something you think the person has done well or could improve upon.

- Talk about the other person before yourself. This one is pretty much a given.

- Show support, interest and/or curiosity for other peoples content. Do this first and the universe will send the same level of support, interest and curiosity for the content you yourself have also spent a great deal of time and effort putting together and sharing online.

- Engage in public and private groups and foster interaction. This is where a lot of the buzz happens online! People sharing their stories and exchanging information. Get involved in the conversation and offer genuine value to the audience.

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