Industries I Have Experience In Marketing

by | Apr 20, 2019

I am asked quite a lot about the different industries that I have had experience in Marketing with in the past.

There are many, and the depth of knowledge I have about a whole plethora of products and services is quite outstanding. This knowledge and experience means I know first-hand from experience what will work for any business in these industries and other complementary industries with a similar customer base.


So here is the list of industries I have experience in Marketing...


  • Scientific Laboratory Instrumentation
  • Software Technology
  • Video Production
  • Motorsports
  • Property Development and Estate Agency
  • Hypnotherapy and Wellbeing Treatments
  • Financial Services
  • E-Learning
  • Tree Surgery
  • Traditional Print Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Gyms and Yoga/Wellbeing Clinics
  • eCommerce online stores
  • Bespoke Plaster Mouldings
  • IT Support and Development
  • 5* Hotel and Spa Resorts
  • Solicitors and Legal Practices
  • Professional Photographers
  • Handmade, Bespoke Kitchens
  • Floristry

And many more... but the list would be far too long to read!

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