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by | Oct 1, 2018

Every morning when I start my day, I pour myself a cup of fresh coffee and sit down with my breakfast to listen to a podcast. The most recent podcast of choice is Jenna Kutcher: The Goal Digger Podcast. The basis of the show is to provide helpful insight and education from a successful seven figure business owner (wedding photographer turned marketing pro) that supports and encourages you to achieve your biggest goals.

I was listening to one of her most recent podcasts which touches on the idea of the 'Jenna Kutcher Five'. In this episode, Jenna shares a light on the importance of a personal touch when it comes to sharing your business online and connecting with your audience.

Essentially the 'Jenna Kutcher Five' refers to five things about you or your staff that allow the reader to build up a picture of you in their head, and an emotional connection in their heart with you and your team. You become more relatable and fundamentally more likeable when a follower starts to get to know you more personally. A memorable business is often built on a story or personal connection that a customer has with your company. It could be a meeting at a networking event where they felt they were given genuine value, a mutual acquaintance or shared interest that gave them the time of day and made them feel listened to, or the way your copywriting speaks through the screen to how they like to work and communicate. Either way, they connected with you on a deeper level than just words on a screen and images in a feed.

Sharing deeper connection posts also helps to build up a bank of additional content for your posting schedule. Rather than pushing the old 'sales-y' approach or scratching your head struggling to think of new content each time you post, these five ideas will give you everlasting extra material that really does make a difference to your brand, feed and followers.

The reason this strategy is called the 'Jenna Kutcher Five' is because it was coined by Jenna Kutcher herself as a way to differentiate her Wedding Photography business when she didn't want to compete solely on price. Booking weddings in a small Wisconsin town in America with a number of other photographers competing for the same job meant she had to stand out. Price shopping around was common but Jenna knew that in order for brides to choose her, she had to develop something the other photographers didn't have. This came in the form of a personal connection. By showing brides what type of person would be at their wedding day, following them around, shooting their priceless memories, and capturing those special intimate moments, Jenna created more than just a service, she created an experience. This not only allowed her to gain a greater following on Social Media that hung on her every word and waited for her next wedding love story post or peek into her life, it opened the door for brides to choose Jenna based on the experience she would give to them and the type of person that she was, rather than simply the cost of the wedding day photo shoot.

If I think about my five, I want it to stay professional and only share what I believe will help forge that connection with my clients and followers. That doesn't mean oversharing about my personal life, but it does mean sharing elements of my personality and favourite things to build up that strong representation of who I am and the type of clients that will resonate with that.

For me personally this looks like:

1) Chai Lattes.

I work from home in my lovely home office with all of my favourite creative things around me. I do need to get out and about a little though, to stimulate inspiration and creativity. I personally find that sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by other people, families, friends, and other laptop based business owners gives me ideas to write blog posts, social media posts and SEO material. My hot drink of choice is a Chai Latte. If me and you were to meet for a coffee and discuss your marketing or just a friendly chat, chances are I'd be sitting with my hands warming around a nice hot cup of Chai Latte. There's just something about that cinnamon and hot milk flavour that I adore! Sharing my love of Chai Latte's gives the reader a picture of me sat across from them at the table in a coffee shop with a Chai Latte. Instantly they have a slight connection with who I am and what I like (and if they love Chai Latte's too, we instantly have a conversation starter!)

2) My Journey for a Maltipoo puppy.

For three years I have swooned over Maltipoo's. Their cute and fluffy coat, sweet innocent eyes, and lovely calm demeanour has truly won me over. I have wanted a puppy for the longest time and a Maltipoo is the right breed for me. After thorough research into everything from their typical food, pet insurance, breeder accreditations, behavioural style, and exercise requirements, I have got my heart set on a Maltipoo. My partner Ali live in a lovely house in a small village right across from countless walking paths, fields, and a canal route, and I work from home which means I can take of the pup and walk him regularly. It'll be great as a companion as I mostly work alone and give me an opportunity to get out the house and go for a walk in nature for his afternoon 'walkies'. My partner has very kindly agreed to me getting one when I find the perfect pup for me, and so I have been on the serious journey to locating my new Maltipoo for about 6 months now. I don't want to rush into it and get one that isn't from the right breeder so I'm taking my time to find my perfect pup. My social media followers and clients can follow me on my journey to my new puppy as I try and find the perfect one.

3) Netball. I play netball as part of my fabulous team 'The Lionettes' every Wednesday evening in Newbury. Come rain or shine (or snow!) I love to get outside and play my position GA (Goal Attack). I am quick on my feet, quite tall, and have a good eye for the right shot so I play GA enabling me to help manoeuvre the ball down the court into the goal shooting area, and also shoot at goal. Netball is a fantastic exercise as it requires running, stopping, pivoting, shooting and playing as part of a team. You are committed to playing once a week on a Wednesday every week (other than holidays and the occasional evening off of course) and we all go out occasionally on socials which is great for team morale and to build a strong team.

4) My lovely boyfriend Ali.

Since I work purely for myself from home alone, Ali is my support system. Running a business himself he understands what I do and the ups and downs of daily life as an entrepreneur.

When he comes home we always have dinner together and a glass of wine (my favourite is Sauvignon Blanc by The Edge) to round off the day. We ask each other how our day has been and share any funny stories or difficult moments. On weekends we can be found having a laugh with our friends or most recently furniture shopping for our new house extension, and every Saturday and Sunday morning is started with a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich (I like mine a little crispy, practically burnt!)

5) Podcasts.

I listen to a podcast every single morning over a cup of coffee and breakfast. It gets me fired up to start the day with inspiration and motivation. Currently I am listening to Jenna Kutcher 'Goal Digger' Podcast, The Skinny Confidential 'Him and Her' Podcast, A Happy Mind, and The Gary Vee Audio Experience.

What are your Five?

Leave a comment or send me a message and let me know!

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