LinkedIn Content Marketing: Progress Not Perfection

by | Jan 13, 2021

Don't get hung up on making your content or message perfect. Here's why.

Chances are if you're relatively new to utilising LinkedIn as a major part of your 2021 Marketing Plan then your follower/connection count is under 5,000. This means that with the Algorithm in place, almost no-one sees your posts anyway (up to 250 max at first before quality scores kick in) so all this time you're spending crafting the perfect content, taking hours tweaking it, is only seen by 250 people.

Does that surprise you?

If so, the key takeaway here is to remember get the content to a reasonable and good state, and get it POSTED. Not perfect.

Focus THEN on the Analytics - which content drives the most engagement, interactions and inbound leads, and how to get your audience size up so more people see your posts in the future.

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