Sell More By Tapping Into Emotions

by | Jul 29, 2016

Our emotions are ultimately the things we use to decide whether or not to buy a product or service - Logic rarely even comes into it. Think about the last time you bought an Apple product - did you buy it based on the price? Probably not - you likely bought it based on the pride that comes with having the latest, most trendy laptop. Apple tapped into the Pride emotion to sell you this product.


Targeting those emotions in your sales copy is a sure-fire way to engage potential customers, and make those sales.


The main emotions are:

  • Greed - Emphasise the personal benefits of the product to the customer, the ROI for them in terms of money/benefits etc. Use words such as 'reward, valuable, exclusive, distinguishing, gain' in your copy.
  • Fear - Here talk about the cost to the customer of Inaction (i.e. NOT buying your product or service), what they stand to lose if they don't buy it. Use words such as 'consequence, lose, degrade, suffer, cost, harm'.
  • Altruism - Clearly communicate the benefits of the product to the end user. Use words such as 'give, help, improve'.
  • Envy - Name-drop the competition that is using your products/services, and share industry reports showcasing the real-life benefits. Use words such as 'competitors, best in class, lagging, leading, edge out'.
  • Pride - Offer the company a feature in your marketing, and talk about the image the company can have by using this product/service. Use words such as 'image, respect, powerful, reputation, power, prestige, influence, prominence'.
  • Shame - Allude to paste mistakes they may have made by not using this product/service, and how they can be avoided/prevented with your offering. Drop hints about a bleak future without your product/service, and past issues they faced before without it. Use words such as 'mistake, avoid, inertia, disappoint, remorse, fail' to communicate this.


So next time you write your copy, just think about tapping into one or two of these emotions to illicit a deeper reaction, and therefore a higher chance of securing the sale.



Natalie Chappell

Zest For Media

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