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Always Wanted To Find Out What Your Competitors Are Really Doing?

If you’ve always wanted to know what the competition is really doing but don’t know how or where to start, and don’t the time to learn, I do this for you. 

Get The Inside Scoop

By equipping yourself and your sales team with key intelligence into what your top competitors are doing, you can identify key opportunities to build competitive advantage, increase brand awareness, and drive more sales opportunities. 

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Make Informed Decisions

Make informed decisions and get ahead of the competition with a thorough, detailed understanding of exactly what your competitors are selling, how they market and deliver it, what their USP’s are, where the gaps in the game lie, and how they fair against you in a SWOT analysis.

What’s Included?

Analysis of your Top Competitors Product Range.

Understanding your competitors product range gives you vital insight into how you fair against them when prospects are comparing their options. 

Here I will deep dive into important questions such as:

What do they sell? What is their pricing structure? Are they volume focussed or niche focussed? How is the product or service distributed? How do they differentiate themselves from competitors?  Who are their customers?  

Analysis of Sales Strategy 

Finding out how their sales strategy is put together will enable you to get an idea of how competitive the sales process is, and identify opportunities to improve your own processes to stay as competitive as possible. 

In this section I will research and answer questions such as: 

What does their sales process look like? What channels do they sell through? Are they based in only one location, online, or multiple brick and mortar stores? Are they expanding or holding steady? Do they use discounting?

Analysis of Content Marketing

Your competitors content will give you key insights into how they are executing their marketing strategy. 

Here I will be answering questions like: 

Do they have a blog? Are they creating regular videos and blog posts? How in-depth does the content go? Are they producing articles for PR efforts? Do they have Case Studies and Testimonials listed on their website? How much engagement is each piece of content generating? 

Analysis of Social Media

Using Social Media to drive awareness and traffic to a website is a key spoke in your overall Marketing wheel. By analysing how proactive and engaged they are on the various different platforms, you can identify opportunities to build competitive advantage where they have missed gaps.

Here I will be answering questions like:

Which platforms is each competitor using? How regular do they post? What type of content is posted? Is it original or curated from other sources? How much engagement do they get on each post? Are they missing any key channels where you can fill the gap? Where are they sending traffic to from each post? 

Analysis of SEO 

Appearing high in search results like Google can funnel huge amounts of traffic and intent-based prospects to your website. 

Here we will audit how your competitors onsite and offsite scores fair against you, and where there are opportunities to get onto that coveted number one spot and bring more prospects into your sphere. 

Online Press Coverage

Getting featured in online publications and the media builds authority and credibility. 

Getting a handle on where your competitors are featured, and where you are featured compared to the key most important publications for your audience, gives you a picture of where there are opportunities to build authority and credibility. 

SWOT Analysis

Understanding the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the competition means you can compare them against your own and position yourself for greater success as you uncover areas for improvement. 



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