Digital Marketing Health Check:

 SEO and Social Media 

Have you been plugging away at your Digital Marketing and want to get a fresh pair of expert eyes to take a look at it?


We will comb through over 30+ intricate details of your Digital Marketing Activities and audit how well your website and Social Media are doing on the web.

Our team Deep-Dive into your Website and Social Media Analytics, use our expert tools and success checklist, and give you a thorough breakdown of how you are currently performing on the web compared to your nearest competitors. We also make specific recommendations for how you can improve your current performance.



In your Digital Marketing Health Check, we examine your website from both a user point of view, and technical search engine perspective. This enables us to get a broad overview of how your website currently stands. We then take an in-depth analysis of both the current onsite and offsite SEO factors and data, summarise this for you in a way you will understand and be able to make use of, and make specific suggestions for improvements. From this report you will be far better placed to understand how SEO works, how you website currently stands from a search engine point of view, and what you can be doing to improve it.


Social Media:

We analyse how your Social Media profiles currently stand in terms of content, followership, and engagement/reach. We also look at your nearest competition online and analyse what they are doing, to get a better picture of how your business stands in that media.

By weighing up all of this data, we can then begin to get a better picture of what Social Media is doing for your business, and how you could be using it better.


We make specific suggestions for improvements based upon your target market, company niche, and social media goals.




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