Emergency Response

Have an SEO or PPC crises that needs sorting immediately?

You can spend lots of time and money improving your SEO, Facebook and Instagram ads only for Google to throw you a curveball and make it all come crashing down. When this happens you need to find out what’s happened and fix it immediately to reduce any lasting damage.

What’s classed as a crisis?

When you wake up to find that your website has completely disappeared from Google listings, no traffic is finding its way to your site and sales have stopped because your PPC campaign has been stopped or banned.

Sometimes these things happen because a previous agency or ‘expert’ has carried out bad or spammy techniques, or you’ve made mistakes using information you found for free online.

Whatever it is you don’t need to worry because I can fix it for you.

Social Media Emergency
Emergency Social Media

Common SEO / PPC crisis problems:

Google blacklisting
This is where your website disappears from Google because it has been de-ranked.

Google Adwords account ban
When your account has been locked up and banned by Google for not following their guidelines.

Google adwords keyword or campaign disapproval
When ads or entire campaigns are removed by Google for not following guidelines.

Instagram shadow ban
This happens when you don’t comply with Instagram’s terms and community rules. It’s hard to spot and it brings down your engagement. A shadow ban has occurred if other users can’t see your profile and if you search for hashtags you’ve used and your photos don’t show up.

Facebook ban
A ban can occur when Facebook thinks you are posting things that you shouldn’t be – for example a cryptocurrency ad. There have been issues with cryptocurrency ads because they are often associated with misleading or deceptive practices.

False Facebook reviews
These can be devastating for a business that has worked hard to build up their reputation. Normally false reviews are submitted from ghost profiles that have never been a customer, competitors or someone with a vendetta against the company.

“Natalie definitely knows how to help you get your business going on social media, with a few tricks up her sleeve to make life easier! And, being ever friendly and willing to help others means that by her very nature you will feel as if you are getting the help you need with your digital strategy. The workshop I attended demonstrated the breadth of knowledge Natalie has. Whichever channel you choose, Natalie is familiar with it!”

Amy, Marketing Director

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