Facebook and Instagram Adverts Management

The only words I can use to describe social media Facebook ads is phenomenal for businesses.
The targeting available to ensure your ads are only reaching the crème de la crème ideal customers is out of this world. You can target Facebook users across both Facebook and Instagram based on pretty much every demographic, behaviour, interest, background you can think of.
With this specific targeting you can ensure no click goes to waste and no budget goes to waste.
Each Facebook advert can be created based on the businesses goals so that could be website clicks, Facebook page likes, lead generation whereby uses fill out a form for you to contact them directly for sale, brand awareness, purchases etc.
They are also extremely cost-effective in terms of budget and return on investment. The minimum spend on Facebook per month is currently £155 – that roughly works out at about 5 pounds per day. For this you can potentially reach thousands of interested potential customers at the click of a button.
Sounds good right?
Writing effective adverts with engaging and interesting images, coupled with specific precision targeting of your creme de la creme customer is something our team do every day.
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