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Our experts will turn your LinkedIn Profile into a reliable source of new high end client enquiries and leads.

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The Process

Over 9 years we have honed our process to deliver exceptional results month on month for clients.

Phase 1: First the Strategy is created. This includes: Targeting Criteria for Prospects, Outreach Process, Messaging Scripts, Content Creation (if required), and Sales Follow-Up Processes.

Phase 2: Next we implement the Strategy. You purchase a bundle of hours for the month which is then dedicated to fully utilising all of the power and tools Sales Navigator from LinkedIn offers to find, save, target, message and convert cold new connections into key relationships and warm sales conversations. 

Profile Optimisation

Complete refresh and optimisation of your profile to attract more of your ideal clients.

Target Market Research

To make sure we are targeting the right people, thorough research is conducted into the targeting, lead qualification criteria and search parameters.


Proactively identify, target and add connections (prospects) to your profile that meet the target market criteria. 

Relationship Building

We take the time to build rapport with your new connections by liking, commenting and sharing thier content. 


A custom first and second (followup) message is sent to each new connection.


When a new lead is ready for handover, we send them directly across to you. 


Phase 1: Strategy. This includes: Targeting Criteria for Prospects, Outreach Process, Messaging Scripts, Content Creation (if required), and Sales Follow-Up Processes.

Phase 2: Monthly Time Bundles as below. 

Satisfied Clients

New Business Pipeline Revenue Created

Team Members

Answers to Your Questions

How do you manage my account?

Our team use your login credentials to execute the lead generation activities for your profile, acting on your behalf. 

What results can I expect?

Every profile is different, just as every person and company is different. Typically we expect to see between 8 – 20 leads per month. 

How do you measure ROI?

To us the most important statistic for ROI is number of leads and value of leads every week and every month.

We have an Online Tracker Document that measures all KPI’s on a weekly and monthly basis.

Everything from new connections added, outbound messages sent, new leads created, potential revenue value of new leads, and SSI scores are reviewed against ROI.

Do you have any case studies?

Absolutely! You can view our case studies below. 


How Does LinkedIn Lead Generation Compare To Other Marketing Activities?

It’s important to consider all options for your business when it comes to digital marketing.

When making your decision, carefully think about what you’re looking to get out of digital marketing.

Alternatives to LinkedIn Lead Generation are Social Media, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Ads etc.

These all offer the ability to drive awareness and visibility of your brand i.e. get more people to look at your facebook page or visit your website, but they don’t specifically focus on generating warm enquiries and leads with names and phone numbers from people that have expressed a direct interest in having a conversation with you, and are expecting your call.

That’s what LinkedIn Lead Generation does.

So you have to ask yourself, do you want more eyeballs on your website and followers on social media profile, or do you want interested, qualified, targeted warm leads?

How much is the service?

The short answer is that it varies depending on your goals, and what level of services you will require to achieve those goals.

But to give you an idea, packages start at £995 per month, with a minimum 6 month term contract. 


Our Latest Client Success Stories

Read about how we’ve successfully delivered outstanding results for our clients. 

Copywriting Agency

13 New Qualified Leads, £30,810 of Pipeline Business Revenue in first 60 days. 

Data Software Company

Highest Quarterly Quoted Pipeline Revenue On Record For The Business. 

Water Generation Technology Company

£2.8 Million of Quoted New Business.

Our Blog


How Does LinkedIn Lead Generation Work?

How Does LinkedIn Lead Generation Work?

LinkedIn Lead Generation has the highest level of sales possibilities of any digital marketing platform for B2B businesses right now - in my opinion. It's just set up for it so well. If you're not familiar with using LinkedIn to drive leads for your business, and...

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