Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

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PPC – the fastest way to get results

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a sure-fire way to get instant visibility for your brand. Getting your business in front of the right customers is exactly what you need to do to give yourself a headstart online..

Google Adwords Management

I do six things to turn your adwords account into a profitable money making machine:

  1. Review your current budget spend
    I look at where your money is being   and make sure you get a maximum return.
  2. Make sure your ads are customer friendly
    Your ad needs to hook your customers in. I check that it’s written in an attractive way so people can’t help but click.
  3. Give your ad a turbo boost
    Your clicks will go through the roof when I add links to your website, call extensions, reviews and an eye-catching snippet of text.
  4. Keep them interested
    I’ll constantly refine your add until it really hits the mark – a bit like a fine wine – to keep the right people interested and reduce your cost per click.
Pay Per Click
  1. Getting your ad to rise to the top
    I’ll improve your ad quality score and AdRank so your ad shows up higher and more often in Google searches.
  2. Keeping eyeballs on your business
    Remarketing is a very effective way of sticking in your customers’ minds. Your ad will follow people who have already visited your website which is an ideal way to make a sale. People tend to buy after they have seen an ad around 7 times.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

These ads are phenomenal for business. I’ve seen their magic work time and time again which is how I know they’ll work for you too.

If you can harness the power of these ads – and I can – the returns are incredible. Audience targeting allows you to zone in on your customers in a way that no other platforms can offer. If your ad is engaging with perfect imagery you’ll go far. I can do all of this for you for as little as £5 a day ad spend (plus my expenses of course).

“Working with Natalie and Zest For Media for over a year now has been nothing but a delight. A very competent individual with complete understanding of our
requirement, Natalie has not only seen our lead generation increase through the optimisation of our Google AdWords account but also successfully raised our Google search results listing through website SEO.

Integrating herself as part of our team and taking time to understand our core business, products and services gave me confidence in selecting Natalie as our Adwords and SEO guru from day one.”

Hozan, General Manager

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