(Search Engine Optimisation)

If you need more visitors to your website, you need SEO.


In simple terms, SEO means getting your website higher up on google for your chosen keyword, boosting your visibility, credibility, and drives visitors to your website!


For example, let's say you want to be on page one for "Florist Newbury" - you'll need SEO Management and the help of Search Engine Optimisation experts. There are over 200 constantly changing ranking signals from Google's Algorithm that robots use to help decide which page of search results your website will appear on on, and keeping on top of all of those is a very busy job! That’s what we do at Zest For Media.


Using SEO means you have a better chance of being one of the first listings to show up on Google. This in turns means more people see and click onto your website (more potential customers).

If you don't have the SEO skills, technical expertise, or time to ensure you tick off all those Google Algorithm ranking signals for your website in an organic and Google-friendly manner - talk to us!


Our SEO experts will work with you to tweak the exact keywords you want to rank for, and using your website logins, and a few google analytics bits of info, and we'll quietly work away in the background, improving your Google ranking month on month.


Just please don't expect it to happen overnight - we won't ever use black hat techniques or spammy links to cheat the system into ranking you number one fast. These things take time to do right, and when done properly, once you get to the top, you stay there.


We have worked with websites using:


  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Vistaprint
  • Custom CMS Systems (built by web designers from scratch)
  • Web Serif
  • Wix
  • And many more....

If you have a website - we can SEO it!
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