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Social Media Works

With 87% of people checking their social media accounts within 10 minutes of waking up, you’ll want them to be looking at your business. But what are you doing to capture their interest? Work with us and it’ll be one less thing for you to worry about.

Hire The Experts

When businesses hire a social media agency they build their audience faster, leading to more website traffic and increased sales. It’s simple but it’s true.

Businesses that put time into their social media now are the ones that enjoy the rewards later down the line, and with the added bonus of boosting your SEO – you’d be crazy to ignore it and miss out on a huge slice of your target market.

Social Media

Social Media Strategy

If your company is new to Social Media, or your team have been doing it for a while and not really had a solid plan, this is for you.

Ring a Bell?

  • I don’t know when to post
  • I don’t know what to post
  • I’m fed up of posts only reaching 10-50 people and none of those are relevant
  • No inbound leads after months of posting content

Let’s Get That Sorted…

A Social Media Strategy from Zest For Media gives you a strong set of expert guidelines and framework to enable you or your team to succeed and deliver tangible, meaningful results from social media that matter to your business.

No more trying to figure it all out yourself and not really knowing what type of content to post, when, or how to get it to reach more than 50 people at a time.

Shortcut the process and get your own set of guidelines from the years of knowledge and experience of our expert Natalie Chappell.

What Does A Social Media Strategy Include?

-> 1 hour call with Natalie.

-> Minimum 35 page personalised handbookn for you to take away and implement straight away, covering:

  • Company Analysis (USP’s, Customer Avatar etc)
  • Seasonal Patterns/Trend Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis of your business
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
  • PEST Analysis of your business
    • Political
    • Economic
    • Social
    • Technological
  • Target Audience / Client Avatar Review and Targeting
  • Key Messaging Themes
  • Content Strategy
  • Posting Calendar
  • Recommended Free Growth Strategies
  • Recommended Paid Growth Strategies
  • Metrics To Measure Ongoing Success


Results To Expect:

  • Increased number of prospects interacting with your social media channels
  • Consistent Inbound leads and interest
  • Clarity on what content to post and when
  • How to find, attract and target your dream prospects
  • Top level review of your company USP’s and how to efficiently promote those to stand out
  • More efficient return on invested time and effort from social media
  • Understanding of how to make social media really work for your business

Social Media Management


If your social media accounts need setting up I can take care of that. If you already have them running but haven’t posted anything for a while, I can take care of that too.

Once you give us access to your accounts, we will work with you to find your target audience and start producing content that they’ll connect with and enjoy. Then we’ll report back to you so we all know what’s working and what isn’t.

It’s up to you how involved you want us to be. We can take your social media completely off your hands (which includes content ideas, scheduling, publishing and analysis), or we can give you ideas for what you should be posting and make sure everything’s running smoothly. Whatever you choose, your accounts are managed professionally and with care.

“Natalie definitely knows how to help you get your business going on social media, with a few tricks up her sleeve to make life easier! And, being ever friendly and willing to help others means that by her very nature you will feel as if you are getting the help you need with your digital strategy. The workshop I attended demonstrated the breadth of knowledge Natalie has. Whichever channel you choose, Natalie is familiar with it!”

Amy, Marketing Director

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