Shedding Light On Facebook Dark Posts

by | Jun 13, 2016

Facebook Dark Posts (also known as Unpublished Posts) are ads featured in the news feed on Facebook, but don't appear on your profile/page timeline directly.

They are beneficial for four main reasons:

You can create specific, targeted ads, tailored to completely different audiences, at the same time
You are able to test multiple variations of an ad to find the most effective one
Better ROI as news feed 'post' ads are more commonly read than right-hand column straight-up text ads
Your news feed doesn't get clogged up or look spammy to your followers as the dark posts never get posted to your timeline

For all of the above reasons, Facebook Dark Posts are considered one of the 'hidden gems' of the PPC advertising world.

They can be targeted towards specific custom audiences, and can include one or more of; text, images, videos, links, or a special offer.

To create one for yourself or your company:

Go to and open 'Power Editor'
Go to 'Page Posts'
Click 'Create Post'
Enter all of your ad details in
Click 'Create post'

Simple to set up. Simple to reap the rewards from.

Have a go yourself.

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