Stop Seeing The Dross, Start Seeing The Relevant – Custom LinkedIn Newsfeeds

by | Dec 15, 2020

If you're fed up of seeing pointless posts of what someone had for breakfast, a training event they attended, or the latest product they're pushing out, create a custom news feed.

It filters it your feed so you start seeing only what you really care about - relevant posts from your closest network and current and prospective client updates.

This ensures the time you invest in your LinkedIn efforts are effective and profitable. Focussed on building and maintaining relationships with key accounts for your business.

To set up a custom feed you will need an active LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account.

The Alerts section shows you only posts from your Saved Searches, Account Lists and Lead Lists.

To give further specificity you can refine each Account or Lead by specific updates that you want to see, as per the below.

Under Accounts you can refine by:

Under Leads you can refine by:
From here you can then begin to build relationships with new prospects and maintain relationships with key client accounts to best utilise your time on LinkedIn.

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