Strategic vs Haphazard Social Media

by | Feb 17, 2020

A lot of the companies and organizations that I work with and talk to on a regular basis started out (maybe this is position you're in now) where they have mediocre at best results on social media marketing, and they're looking for consistent, reliable results from their social media accounts. And that will look different for every company, and every organization based on their business objectives for the year.

One of the things that I find differentiates successful social media management from mediocre results social media management is having a strategy in place for your business. So a social media strategy will outline exactly what content your business is going to post, and when it's going to post it. So there's certain days and times that are more effective for getting engagement and getting results than others, what platforms your audience hangs out on, and where you're likely to be able to catch them in the moment and stimulate conversation and the desired outcome you're looking for.

That might be to just raise awareness of your business in their social circles. That might be to book a sales call with your team, or it might be to strengthen existing relationships with existing clients. There is a plethora of different actions and different results that you can get from social media and it's really important these align with your business objectives. But your social media strategy needs to contain at minimum, what you should be posting, when you should be posting it, on what platforms, and what desired outcome you're expecting to receive are looking to receive from your posts.

I hope that's helpful. Social media strategies are something that I do with every single one of my social media clients before I take them on as management support. So we are all on the exact same page and we all have the professional and expert advice on exactly what we're doing and why.

If that's something you're interested in, reach out to me on here or you can email me Have a great day.

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