What are Twitter Cards & how they can help boost your Social Media presence

by | Oct 12, 2016

Ever posted a link back to your website in a tweet on Twitter, only to find the fancy picture and description snippet never shows up, or it shows the wrong image?


That's Twitter Cards at play.


Most websites do not automatically have these handy pieces of code implemented, meaning your links back to your website don't always turn out the way you want them to.


How do we fix this? With the clever use of Twitter Cards -> https://dev.twitter.com/cards/overview


These cards are essentially just a piece of code that you pop into the meta header of your website (or into a plugin on Wordpress) that when activated, display your desired layout of your link. This could be a:


  • Summary Card - Title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution.
  • Summary Card with Large Image - Similar to a Summary Card, but with a prominently featured image.
  • App Card - A Card to detail a mobile app with direct download.
  • Player Card - A Card to provide video/audio/media.


Most companies usually use the first option, or the second one if they wish to make a bigger impact through visuals.


The next steps are to actually implement and get them working!


If you have Wordpress:

  1. Head over to your dashboard at http://www.joebloggswebsite.com/wp-admin and log in.
  2. Next, you need to go to Plugins, and 'Add New', then search for 'Twitter Card' - you are looking for the one entitled 'Twitter Cards Meta' with a grey image by WPDeveloper.net.
  3. Click 'Install Now'.
  4. Click 'Activate'
  5. This will now give you the option on your left hand side control panel to click on 'Twitter Cards'
  6. Enter in your Twitter Profile details, and click 'Save'
  7. Head to https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator and put your URL in e.g. http://www.joebloggswebsite.com and check it shows how you want it to.
  8. Your are done! Your shiny new Twitter Cards will ow start working immediately.


If you are not using Wordpress:

  1. Select the type of card you wish to use.
  2. Add the appropriate meta tags to your webpage source code from here -> https://dev.twitter.com/cards/markup
  3. Put your URL into the validator tool to test that it works.
  4. You are done!



And that is how you implement Twitter Cards!



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