Want More Online Selling Opportunities? Follow The 7 Touch-Point Digital Marketing Rule.

by | Feb 14, 2019

There's an age old saying in the Digital Marketing world...

Someone has to have 7 touch-points with you before they take an action

What does that mean in practice?

Essentially it means that someone 'typically' has to have seen you or heard from you 7 times before they know, like and trust you enough to take action and do the thing you are asking them to do e.g. phone up to book a discovery meeting.

Each of these 7 encounters are also known as 'touch-points'.

Each touch-point could take the form of many different interactions or pieces of content. For example, a Facebook post you recently wrote on your company page counts as one touch-point, a blog post written on your website counts as the second, and a podcast episode you released counts as a third. Each of these pieces of content count as 1 of the required 7 touch-points.

By the theory of 7 touch-points, we can assume that the more touch-points you create, the more opportunities you have for prospects to take your desired action i.e. get in touch, and therefore the more opportunities you have to talk to prospects, and SELL!

In order to make your time and effort creating the touch-points most effective, careful planning needs to go into what content you create, and how prospects might move from touch-point 1 to 7.

For example, if you owned a local Accountancy Practice, you might find the following strategy effective:

Touch point 1: Prospect discovers your company on Facebook from seeing a post in a local Group you are both members of, or in your feed as a Sponsored Post and identifies that you might be the one to solve their need (in this case let's say it's to find a local accountant to help them file their end of year tax return).

Touch point 2: They find out more about your Accountancy Practice by clicking onto your Facebook Company Page and reading 3-4 of your most recent posts about Tax

Touch point 3: They next click onto your website link from a post and read through your 'About' page, 'Tax Services' page, and 'FAQ's' page

Touch point 4: The prospect then reads a recent blog post on your 'News' page about filing Tax Returns

Touch point 5: 3 days later, they add your profile on LinkedIn

Touch point 6: A couple of days later, they see a LinkedIn post from you on their feed about the final dates to file your Tax Return

Touch point 7: They then listen to your most recent Podcast episode you uploaded onto iTunes and promoted on LinkedIn

Now they've decided they're ready to get in touch as each of these touch-points presented them with snippets of information about you and your company which built trust and like-ability.

When someone likes the content you are putting out, trusts that you know your stuff, and is interested in how you can help solve their problem (in this case, accountancy services e.g. filing a tax return), an opportunity to sell becomes available.

The more opportunities you create, the more sales opportunities you create.

Every day I help businesses like yours create meaningful touch-points with prospects in an effective and efficient way, to build trust, like-ability, and sales opportunities.

This is all formed as part of a 6 Month Plan to completely transform your Digital Marketing and how you use your website, SEO, and Social Media to generate Awareness and Leads.

To talk about how I can do this for you, send me a direct message or email natalie@zestformedia.com

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