What is Digital Marketing?

by | May 19, 2017

I get asked this question quite A LOT, and I have to say I fully understand where business owners are coming from, and why.
Marketing is a complex world when you start to fully look into it. There are tonnes of different elements you have to consider, and it can be very confusing at first to understand how they all work together to create incredible results for your business.
So let's start with just one element of Marketing - Digital Marketing.
What is Digital Marketing?
In simple terms, Digital Marketing is basically using online 'digital' tools and platforms to actively promote your business, and the products and services you offer.
These channels could be;

What is meant by online marketing

What is interesting about Digital Marketing is that how you execute it varies depending on what product or service you provide, and who your target market is.
For example, let's say you were an IT Support Company based in Brighton, the channels and messaging you would use to target and appeal to your ideal client (e.g. the Managing Director at the local Estate Agent company) would be vastly different than if you were a Florist targeting Women who have just got engaged and are planning now for their wedding two years away.
So you need to be clever about how you use Digital Marketing to target your dream customers, and how you can hedge your bets to ensure you are getting maximum ROI from it.
Does Digital Marketing work for all businesses? Whether you are B2B or B2C?
In simple terms - yes.
As long as you remain true to your target 'dream client' persona - identifying their interests and needs/problems, and delivering valuable content that is in-keeping with this, you can deliver extremely positive results for your business.
For B2B:
For this type of business, your Digital Marketing will largely be focused on generating awareness and sales leads from the business owner or relevant department manager of your dream client company. You should be gearing your digital marketing efforts towards reaching out to those decision makers and encouraging them to inquire about the products/services you provide. This is commonly through your website and social media platforms.
It is important for B2B businesses to really consider who the target client is and where they will spend most of their time and attention online. For example, it is unlikely the Managing Director will be on Facebook checking their newsfeed at 10am in the morning (unless they are in Sales or Marketing), but they could be found in their emails, or surfing the web to find the latest industry articles on LinkedIn and Google.
For B2C:
For B2C businesses, the aim usually is to get people to buy something directly from your website.
Oftentimes with consumer-based businesses, you will be using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to drive visitors from Social Media (where they spend the majority of their time and attention online) directly to your website.
According to a recent study from Facebook, mobile consumers convert (BUY) more and purchase faster when they clock-off from work i.e. between 8pm-9pm, and desktop consumers convert and purchase more when they are sat at their computers i.e. 10am-11am. Timing your Social Media posts to tie-in when people are most active and primed to buy is a great way to ensure maximum ROI from your Digital Marketing efforts.
What is meant by Digital Marketing? 
Why should I invest in Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing allows you to reach a huge market of both B2B and B2C customers who are actively using the web to make purchasing decisions. It also allows you to actually measure what your marketing efforts are bringing you in terms of ROI.
You can drill-down and actually see how many people came to your website from Facebook and bought your product VS how many of those sales came from Twitter, so you can do more of what's working, less of what isn't, and ultimately make more sales and grow your business.
It also allows you to reach a huge amount of potential customers, at a super cost-effective price. Price being both time and money. Putting an advert into a glossy magazine at £1,000 per insert and not really knowing what that generate in terms of how many people actually read it, and how many sales that got, is a huge risk. Digital Marketing however is hugely measurable so you know what's working, and it's generally also a lot cheaper.
How much does it cost?
This really depends on what your aims as a company are and what your expectations are from Digital Marketing.
The main thing Digital Marketing costs is time. There is a huge amount of time that goes into thoroughly managing Social Media accounts (rather than just cranking out content aimlessly), optimising your website by doing Google-friendly SEO, and creating and tweaking Adverts on Facebook and Google.
We charge a monthly cost to handle all of your Digital Marketing activities, so you can rest assured it's being handled by the experts, and focus completely on running your business.
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