What Is LinkedIn SSI, and What Is A Good SSI Score?

by | Mar 15, 2021

I was recently asked this question and I've heard it quite a bit recently, so wanted to address it.

The LinkedIn SSI Score is essentially a metric of measuring how well you use LinkedIn through the eyes of the Algorithm. The higher you score, the better your use of the platform and the more favourable it will view you in terms of opening up new features, showing your content to a large percentage of your connections etc.

There are 4 components that make up your SSI Score:

1) Establish Your Professional Brand - your profile is all complete, and you publish regular, engaging posts.

2) Find The Right People - your invite acceptance rate is high and your decline rate is low (with minimal legacy outstanding requests) because you find and connect with people that are relevant to you.

3) Engage With Insights - publish posts that foster engagement, and you engage with other people's posts in a meaningful way (i.e. more than just 3-4 word short answers).

4) Build Relationships - you initiate and develop real discussions with your network beyond a 1-2 sales messaging sequence.

A score of 70 or above indicates you are using the platform well, and a score above 81 is very challenging to achieve, mostly only realised by the pro's.

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