What’s Best For SEO – WordPress or Squarespace?

by | Jan 15, 2019

When it comes to building a website and choosing a backend system (or CMS) there are a whole range out there to choose from, each offering different levels of editing functionality, customisation, and degree of ease, not to mention price.

The most popular two are by far Wordpress and Squarespace. While they are similar in terms of what they ultimately offer, they differ in terms of how they achieve this and the backend functionality involved. When you're having a new website made, it's important to consider the whole marketing functionality of the platform you decide one, rather than simply how easy it is to build and maintain the website, and which one looks and interacts the way you want it to.

Ever heard the saying 'If you build it, they will come?', that most definitely does NOT apply when it comes to websites. For people to come to your website they need to first know that it actually exists. How do you make that happen? Well firstly I would suggest you need to get it onto Google, on the whole the largest online resource people use when looking for information or products/services. For your site to show up on Google Search Results, Google's software needs to be able to crawl and index your website so it understands what keywords best represent you. This means your website needs to be 'Google Friendly', which is where SEO comes in.

So now we have ascertained that a big factor in the decision as to which website builder to use is it's ability to be made 'Google Friendly', we need to know which one has the most to offer in terms of SEO. While generally speaking, it comes down to what you put on the site as opposed to what builder you are using, it is going to be very difficult to rank for anything if you find you can't edit even the basics like Meta Descriptions and Image Alt Text. Website builders nowadays have a lot of SEO capability and tools built into them to make SEO easier, but not all of them are equal in how easy that is to navigate.

So let's compare the most popular two - Wordpress and Sqaurespace.

Wordpress For SEO:

Many SEO Pro's like myself LOVE Wordpress. It allows us to add in our professional plugins such as Yoast to assist in editing the backend data such as Auto-Generated Sitemaps, Titles, Descriptions and Keywords on each of your pages and posts. It also allows for a great deal of customisation on the backend to make tweaks such as making your website load faster, cache at the right periods of time etc.

The main snag for me with Wordpress however is that there is no tagging ability on pages, only posts, meaning that's one less SEO tick box we can cross off for maximum site optimisation.

Squarespace For SEO:

This system is brilliant to create easy to use websites. The simple drag and drop fields make building and maintaining your website relatively easy to do and for that reason it is highly favoured by a great deal of website designers, developers and business owners.

The main benefit of Squarespace for SEO is that it's relatively easy to locate the SEO toolkit. Titles and Descriptions are easy to find and edit, as are the Meta Tags and Image Alt Text attributes.

The main drawback of Squarespace for me however as an SEO Pro is that I can't specify descriptions for blog posts or change blog page URL's. This means the blog post SEO value is limited and the chances of the posts appearing on page one for that long tail keyword are lowered. While this may not be a huge problem if you are targeting fairly localised search terms, it can have a massive impact if you are targeting national or even global keywords and long tail search terms make up your bread and butter before you can go after the big fish (so to speak).

Conclusion - Which Website System Is Best For SEO?

Based on the fact that Wordpress offers more editing functionality on the backend than Squarespace, and if you're a seasoned SEO Pro you can still find a way to make the blog posts still have SEO value without the tagging abilities, in my opinion Wordpress is the better option for SEO.


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