Why 10,000 LinkedIn Connections Won’t Get You A New Customer.

by | Mar 22, 2021

Having lots of connections sounds like the holy grail that will automatically get you more customers.

But in reality, it doesn't matter how many connections you have. What really matters is who your connections are and if they're the right fit to actually work with you or become partners to help you achieve your goals.

I would rather have 1,000 connections on LinkedIn that generate new customers reliably and can scale slowly over time, than 10,000 connections that don't help me achieve my goals.

If you set your goal for the next year to bring in an additional 10 customers, at a sales conversion rate of 20%, you need 50 leads/meetings/phone calls to achieve your goal. At LinkedIn's average 5% conversion rate, that's 1,000 prospects/connections.

So in reality, you need an additional 1,000 highly qualified, relevant connections. Not 10,000 random ones.

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