Why Do I Need A Social Media Strategy? My VA / Assistant Posts on Social Media For Me.

by | Mar 16, 2020

If you have someone posting out content for your business on #socialmedia chances are at some point they will come to you saying they have run out of things to say, or what they ARE saying isn't getting enough attention or interaction (if this hasn't already happened by now).

You have so much to do, thinking about what to post on LinkedIn or Twitter tomorrow is the least of your worries.

So what do you do?

Tell them to find something online - a newspaper article or useful tip. Something, anything. At this point you're really not bothered. You've got more important things to do, like meeting with the board, handling that difficult client, or allocating resources for the recent expansion plans.

They find something, it's loosely related to the business, they craft the post, put it out, do their best, but nothing happens. No-one comments, no-one reaches out, all metrics start to point downwards. They feel bad they're not getting the results they know you're looking for. You feel bad that you can't give them the time to input new ideas.

This happens for a couple of weeks or months before you both decide it's just not working.

You can't discard the fact that social media works as it's been effective in the past and all of your competitors are using it to drive awareness and leads. But the VA / assistant is out of ideas, and you have no time to dedicate to it.

So what do you do?

Social Media Strategy could be the right solution for you.

What you really need is a set of guidelines for how social media is used in the business, and a framework that enables your assistant or VA to use social media to deliver results for the business that meet your commercial goals and objectives WITHOUT needing much (if any) input from you.

I work with clients every week to create social media strategies that provide the blueprint for ongoing success, eliminating the standoff between not enough ideas and not enough input.

You will come away with a clear understanding and identification of key elements like when is the best time to post, what content your assistant/VA should create to get the most engagement, how and where they should source that from on an ongoing basis (no more stuck for ideas), what platforms to post on for the best uptake for your market, and what typical results you should expect from each channel.

The result is a happy and productive assistant / VA, problem resolved, and social media that's bringing the company results and delivering on expectations.

To talk through how creating a social media strategy with me works in more detail DM me or email natalie@zestformedia.com

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