Will Voice Search Take Over SEO?

by | Jun 11, 2018

Podcasts, Videos and Voice Notes are all becoming the latest way we as human beings consume content. We would rather listen to a 30 minute podcast on a given subject than read 5 pages of text about it. And who can blame us? By listening to a podcast we can multi-task, listening while we brew our favourite cup of coffee in the morning, smash out our to-do list or action those emails.


Traditionally we ‘googled’ the answer to our query or question. Now we ask it via our Alexa or Amazon Echo machine.


Traditionally companies looked to SEO experts to raise their online profile using clever SEO strategies to get you to appear for your chosen keywords, but more and more the value of `voice search’ is being brought into question, and chosen as a preferred tool.


Now, companies must seek to employ voice search experts to get them to appear top when answering questions via voice instead of typing in their questions via a keyboard.


The most popular tool out now is Podcasts. Prevalent back in the early 2000’s, Podcasts are the latest ‘big thing’ in digital marketing. Sharing your expertise and interviewing experts has a tremendous amount of value that listeners want to plug in to.


By creating a weekly podcast, you are driving brand awareness and communicating with your dream customers every week, at a reasonable price – the price to produce and distribute the podcast.


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